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About Natural Lakes

McCullough Lake

  • 216 Acres

  • Shoreline Length: 3.6 miles

  • Watershed: 6.5 sq miles

  • Depth: 26 feet

Morton Lake

  • 163 Acres

  • Shoreline Length: 2.8 miles

  • Watershed: 7.2 sq miles

  • Depth: 30 feet

Dunn Lake

  • 75 Acres

  • Shoreline Length: 1.6 miles

  • Watershed: .7 sq miles

  • Depth: 11 feet

Beaver Lake

  • 68 Acres

  • Shoreline Length: 1.5 miles

  • Watershed: 4.2 sq miles

  • Depth: 17 feet

Natural Lakes Private Preserve is located in Vilas County in the township of Presque Isle, Wisconsin, just north of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, and a few miles from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Natural Lakes is a private natural preserve, whose land lots and roads were purposely designed to take advantage of the four lakes situated in the Preserve. There are more than 310 members in the Association, and over 160 owner-residences.


Natural Lakes covers 3,600 acres, of which 800 acres is common land. There are 24 miles of paved and gravel roads, and six miles of walking trails. The Presque Isle Springs runs into Morton Lake forming the headwaters of the East Branch of the Presque Isle River which flows north to Lake Superior.

Our lakes support Northern Pike, Bass, and assorted pan fish. Each lake has a private boat landing secured by gates for member use.

All Natural Lakes property owners are members of the Natural Lakes Owners Advancement Association (NLOAA), one of the largest homeowners associations in Wisconsin. NLOAA strives to maintain the naturalness of the Preserve but also focus on the members' quality of life. NLOAA encourages a volunteer ethic, which promotes continuous improvement consistent with the Preserve’s goals.

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