Forest Fire Risk is HIGH!

Did you know the timeframe for the highest forest fire risk in Natural Lakes is April 15th through June 15th?

The reason is the trees and ground foliage have not fully emerged and the ground is covered by the dead and old debris from last year. When all the trees and ground are green the fire risk reduces.

PLEASE be vigilant about fire risk.

From the Boulder Junction Fire Department Facebook page:

The DNR is suspending all DNR burning permits until further notice. Therefore, all burning debris in barrels, piles on the ground and grass or wooded areas with annual burning permits in DNR protection areas, including Vilas County, is prohibited. Small campfires for warming or cooking only are allowed, but discouraged.

Remember to report wildfires by dialing 911 immediately.

To view current fire danger levels across Wisconsin, visit: or call 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876).


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