Honeysuckle and Ticks - Yuck

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Eurasian honeysuckle is an invasive plant present in Natural Lakes (NL). The Invasive Species Committee is working with residents to identify, treat, and eliminate the plants. Many people ask why honeysuckle is considered invasive. The top reasons include:

  • Provides ideal environment for ticks.

  • Will continue to grow and spread to new areas unless controlled.

  • Crowds out native species and changes the ecosystem - first plant to leaf out in spring, last to lose leaves in fall. Nothing grows underneath the bushes.

  • Potentially reduces property values (although no specific data to support this) - brush becomes so dense it limits access and visibility.

The following link is from University Wisconsin-Madison and contains an article written in 2010 outlining the link between honeysuckle and ticks. An interesting read and definitely an incentive to get rid of those honeysuckle bushes!!


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