Lake Study Reports from 2009

The Presque Isle Town Lake Committee (PITLC) is part of the Town of Presque Isle (PI). The group's mission is to monitor the health of the Presque Isle waterways. Each year they write grants to the DNR for formal lake studies of some of the PI lakes. Since there are 29 lakes in PI, each lake is studied periodically.

PITLC along with each lake's homeowners association works with White Water Associates from Amasa MI to write the grant, and do the lake study.

Before 2018, the last time the four lakes in Natural Lakes were studied was 2009. The formal reports are available online. Click on the links below for the formal reports on each of our lakes.

Each report is rather lengthy so it would be better to read online than attempt to print it. Each report has a similar format and outline. Chapters 4-6 provide the most focused information about each lake.

Click on the link below to go to the DNR site which has all the lakes surveyed in the 2009 grant. It's a long list because it was a very large grant. Read through the list and you will see links for each of our lakes:

The following link comes from the Presque Isle website ( Helpful Links. This provides a central location for all the lake study grants done on all PI waterways. These reports are dispersed in different places on the DNR site and this link documents all the links if you are wondering about another PI lake and when it was last studied.

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