What Terrestrial Invasives are in Natural Lakes?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

The following is a list of the terrestrial (land-based) invasives identified during the 2018 road survey done by Rosie Page from Wisconsin Headwaters Invasive Partnership (WHIP) and volunteers from Natural Lakes (NL). The survey was part of a DNR grant awarded to NL in 2017. The survey was done along both sides of all NL roads, landings, park, and entrance.

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Bull Thistle

Canada Thistle

Creeping Jenny

Crown Vetch


Garlic Mustard

Goutweed/Bishop's Weed


Japanese Barberry

Japanese Knotweed

Reed Canary Grass

Spotted Knapweed


Yellow Archangel

The following link provides a table and links to DNR pictures and text about each plant. The table also provides a classification of low/medium/high infestation, as well as general comments about where the infestation exists. If you have a question about any of these plants, please contact the Invasive Species Committee.

Natural Lakes Terrestrial Invasives Information

Another helpful reference guide is A Field Guide to Terrestrial Invasive Plants in Wisconsin. Click the link for an online version of the guide, or contact the Invasives Committee to borrow a copy.

If this seems like a long list of invasives, it is not compared to other locations. For perspective compare our list of known invasives with the full list of Wisconsin Terrestrial Invasives - Regulated Plants.

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